What We Offer

We offer interlink, general cargo, abnormal loads and heavy haulage services ranging from 1 ton to 120 tons throughout southern Africa. We travel as far as the DRC and other SADC countries with the exception of Angola and Tanzania. Since the 1980's we have specialised in bilateral abnormal loads cargo movements to and from Swaziland.

At National Heavy Haulage, we are able to offer you a dedicated and hands on approach. This will cover all the aspects of transporting your cargo fro road and route surveys, site surveys and load coordinating to trip preparation, supervised loading and customs documentation. We will also provide detailed and up to date tracking of your cargo.

Our vast network of partners and agents has allowed us to undertake projects in many sub-Saharan African countries, such as:

  • Swaziland
  • Lesotho
  • Mozambique
  • Zimbabwe
  • The DRC

About Our Projects

Many of these projects involved route surveys and management (planning, supervision and consultation with the various Departments of Roads or Roads Agencies in respective countries). We also had to undertake arranging abnormal clearances of power and phone lines and be able to bypass roads and create stability of bridges by using bridge propping. All of these projects were individually managed.

about our projects

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